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Toner or ink Cartridge Recycling Guide

Toner or ink Cartridge Recycling Guide

1. Return to Manufacturer

Most cartridge manufacturers have free take-back schemes that will accept cartridges that they manufactured in order to reuse them, or break down the materials for recycling.

Hewlett Packard (HP)

HP have free services for their entire range of cartridges. You can drop off your empties at a retail store, print off a postage-paid label, request free collection boxes or arrange a pickup.   Please see following:


Lexmark offer free postage-paid labels for toner/laser cartridges, and will send you postage-paid bags to return your ink cartridges.

Recycle Lexmark toner/laser cartridges

Recycle Lexmark ink cartridges


Canon allow return of empty toner/laser cartridges by:


Brother runs a free service to return your toner and ink cartridges through following:


HP now handle the recycling of Samsung cartridges. They take back their ink and toner cartridges with pre-paid USPS labels that you can print. If you use large quantities of cartridges they can also offer free collection boxes to store your empties in.

Xerox / Fuji Xerox

Xerox offer return for most of their cartridges, or pallet collections for larger numbers.,-d-,-Company/Support/eSupport-Brochure.pdf


Oki used to offer a free service to return cartridges by dropping them off at a return location. You will need to contact them directly to see if they can offer you this service on your contract.






Epson can recycle your empty inkjet cartridges, but requires you to cover the cost of postage.


2. Return to can recycle Tonerink Brand premium A+ toner cartridges or inkjet cartridges.   Sorry, our price in the new cartridges is up to 60% off the brand new genuine cartridges and we do not have the margin to cover the return cost of the used toner or ink cartridges.   Please cover the cost of postage to return them to our office (based in Auckland, New Zealand). 

However, we might offer you some discount if you return the used cartridges to us and buy some new Tonerink brand premium A+ toner cartridges.   Please contact us for that at

Sorry, we do not recycle aftermarket no brand or low cost toner or ink cartridges.  Some no brand aftermarket low cost cartridges were made with poor material and with poor condition, which does not accord with the Green Consumption and the 3R conception(reuse ,refill and recycle), leading to the great damage for our environment.